Legal Research Startups

Here is a list of new legal research services, including brief explanatory excerpts from their websites. (August 2013)

BriefMine - BriefMine is a database of legal briefs and opinions powered by natural-language search that offers a technologically advanced platform for conducting in-depth legal research.

Caseflex - On-demand, instant retrieval of PACER dockets, reports, and filings.

Casetext - Our searchable database of legal documents is annotated in two ways: automatically and by you. Use Casetext to find the authorities you need. Contribute by adding related sources and your insight.

docracy - Find quality templates from your peers, and manage and sign documents quickly online.

The Expert Institute - We are the fastest growing service platform for matching and directly connecting professional firms to specialty practitioners, industry thought leaders, and academics.

Judicata - At its core, Judicata is an engineering company. We’re looking for great engineers to help us build semantic systems that understand the law.

Jurify - Jurify is a portal for all types of legal resources, from research tools and forms to training materials and expert attorneys, providing instant access to the collective genius of lawyers worldwide.

Law Insider - The over 250,000 contracts contained on this website are SEC document filings that have been catalogued and indexed by contract type, state/jurisdiction, company, signees and filing date.

Law Ratchet - Law Ratchet scours the Internet for the best legal news and intelligence, delivered to your mobile device. - is an online portal for legal information including legal updates, expert legal commentary, and the latest trends and ideas in legal technology. - is an online platform where lawyers, legal researchers, and law students can upload and sell copies of their research. They retain the copyright and set the price for their work.

LegalShare - LegalShare is an anonymous online marketplace for lawyers to buy and sell legal documents.

MOOTUS - Mootus works by enabling a community of members to submit and to solve legal research issues online.

PacerPRO - PacerPRO™ is the best way to find, retrieve, manage, and analyze PACER's Federal Court case information and pleadings.

PushLegal - PushLegal’s mission is to be the go-to legal reference whenever a lawyer needs information fast.

RAVEL - RAVEL is a startup that “spun out” of Stanford Law School in 2012. We are focused on making legal research radically easier, faster, and more intuitive.

ReInvent Law - Law firms should have research and development departments, but they don’t. ReInvent Law fills the R&D gap for law firms, in-house legal departments, and other legal service providers.

Tabulaw - Tabulaw makes legal research and writing more productive for the practitioner and more accessible for everyone else. - The search engine enables users to search two unique databases: Judge-Generated Summaries of Earlier Judicial Opinions . . . [and] Unequivocal Articulations of Legal Principles.

wireLawyer, Inc. - Access millions of contracts and forms instantly. Smart search and peer-review features separate the good from the many.

If you know of any other new legal research startups (websites that offer legal research solutions for attorneys), please email We may update this list.

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